CFPB:根据《PP电子官网》(RESPA)对某些COVID-19相关损失缓解方案的处理, Regulation X; 临时最终规则

本局发出本临时最终规则以修订第X条. The amendments temporarily permit 抵押贷款服务商 to offer certain loss mitigation options based on the evaluation of an incomplete loss mitigation application. 合格的损失缓解选项, 在其他方面, 必须允许借款人延迟支付一定数额,直到抵押贷款再融资, 抵押财产出售, 抵押贷款期限届满, or, 联邦住房管理局担保的抵押贷款, 抵押保险终止. 这些金额包括, 但不限于, all principal and interest payments forborne through payment forbearance programs made available to borrowers experiencing financial hardships due, 直接或间接, 应对COVID-19紧急情况, 包括根据《PP电子》第4022条提供的付款延期计划, 救援, 和经济安全法. 这些数额还包括借款人面临财务困难时到期和未付的本金和利息支付, 直接或间接, 应对COVID-19紧急情况.

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《PP电子官网》的艰苦宣言要求, 将于8月31日到期, 2021, 被立法机关延长至至少一月十五日, 2022.  点击 在这里 索取该法例的完整副本.   

截至2021年9月2日,《PP电子官网》增加了其他语言.  9月2日之后的90天通知中包括艰难申报, 2021年必须包括额外的语言.  点击 在这里 查阅新的止赎困难声明及 在这里 索取迁出困难申报书副本. 额外的语言用黄色突出显示.

立法增加了三条新的条款,允许原告挑战声称的困难.  这些新增的项目是为了满足2021年8月12日美国政府的要求.S. Supreme Court Ruling that found that the eviction Hardship Declaration “scheme violates the court’s longstanding teaching that ordinarily ‘no man can be a judge in his own case’ consistent with the Due Process Clause."困难声明包括原告可以对困难声明提出质疑的通知. New foreclosures and residential evictions can be filed even if a Hardship Declaration was returned by the mortgagor if an affidavit is provided that states that “… the foreclosing party believes in good faith that the hardship certified in the hardship declaration does not exist.”  In pending cases the Plaintiff can challenge the Hardship Declaration by making a motion asking the court to hold a hearing to determine whether the defendant’s hardship claim is invalid.  原告必须有一个良好的信念,即被告没有经历过任何困难来提出这个动议.


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More information on the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020 and the foreign language translations of the Hardship Declaration, 由法院行政处更新, 见纽约法院网站: / covid-eefpa.shtml / eefpa /

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May 11-12 The National Advocacy Conference (NAC) is MBA’s National advocacy event designed to empower MBA’s members and demonstrate to policymakers the strength of our industry’s unified voice.

纽约MBA的领导者与国会代表会面,讨论立法如何影响我们的业务, 我们的客户和我们服务的社区. Key issues included: Affordable Housing (HR2143/S98) which provides a tax credit to rehab blighted homes; Expand housing opportunities for Low-to-Moderate Income wage earners and minority buyers by ensuring ease of access to down payment assistance funding with; encourage congress to urge the CFPB to ensure the General Qualified Mortgage (QM) final rule takes effect without changes when the temporary extension expires in 2022; ask Treasury & FHFA为gse提供更长的变更/限制合规时间表(i.e. 7% limit on 2nd home and investment properties and “cash window” delivery option); support the Secure Notarization Act of 2021 which would allow notaries in states without RON laws to perform Remote Online Notarization that follows minimum standards and requires tamper-evident technology and multifactor authentication for identity to prevent fraud.


5月7日, 2021 A hearing was held for New York State Assembly committee members on Remote Online Notarization (RON) and NYMBA offered testimony on behalf of industry supporting the passage and adoption of RON in New York. 议会成员Rozic的法案(A0399A)反映了参议员Skoufis的法案(S1780B),后者已在参议院连续两年通过. 点击查看NYMBA的证词副本 在这里. 如欲浏览议会公开听证会,请点击“RON” 在这里.


March 2021 NYMBA members participated in a Take Action campaign to urge legislators to support critical legislation that would provide protections and benefits to borrowers and homeowners. 讨论了下列四个优先事项:

-支持远程在线公证(RON)的制定; (在参议院通过)
-支持适当促进LIBOR向SOFR过渡的条款 (通过)
-支持限制登记和限制止赎房产登记费的立法 (通过)
-Support adoption of the The New York Land-PP电子 Property Act that would provide the ability to convert title for manufactured homes from chattel to real property for title insurability and more favorable financing terms. (赞助)

为什么它很重要: These bills are priorities that will allow our industry to serve the needs of consumers more adequately during the ongoing pandemic and ensuing recovery period. 纽约工商管理硕士和国家工商管理硕士一直高度参与和支持这些政策项目和倡议.

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作者:Adam 总值, Partner总值 & Polowy, 《PP电子官网》的艰难申报要求, 将于8月31日到期, 2021, 被立法机关延长到至少一月



Join us as we host the NY DFS Executive Deputy Superintendent of Cybersecurity Justin Herring; Supervisor/Examination Team Lead William Peterson; and Deputy Rholda Ricketts. 杰奎琳Goralczyk噢.M., CIPM将主持本次活动. 问题可以提前提交. 网络安全是……



纽约州立法机构于2020年12月24日起草并提出了一项法案(A.11181/S.9114) that would prevent evictions and eviction proceedings against residential tenants and prevent foreclosure actions against homeowners and certain small landlords experiencing financial or health-related hardships due…



在第一次NYMBA贷款服务“热点话题”网络研讨会上, 实践主题专家将开始讨论纽约的止赎和法院系统, 诉讼时效的缺乏与诉讼时效, 以及其他细微差别…



DFS发布了一些常见问题,以帮助贷款服务人员与受COVID-19大流行影响的借款人进行合作. 这里是商务部PP电子官网新规定的常见问题的链接.



The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is extending several loan origination flexibilities currently offered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) designed to help borrowers during the COVID-19 national emergency. 灵活性随后被延长至2021年3月31日:……